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Field Status

Field Status

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Player Evaluations

Player Evaluations:

This year's player evaluations will be held on 6/20. Rain date will be 6/21. Every child must be registered in order to attend evaluations.


The schedule is as follows:


Please make sure to arrive 10 minutes before your session. Your child must wear shin guards, please bring an age-appropriate ball if possible, and a drink.


Girls’ evaluations will be done at Friends Field (past the Ahern football field, NOT behind the school)

Boys’ evaluations will be done at Hersey Field (behind Foxboro HS, NOT the turf)


9:00    - 10:00 - U9's

10:15  - 11:15 - U10's

11:30  - 12:30 - U11's

 1:30   -   2:30 - U12's

 2:45    -  3:45 - U14's


Why do we have Evaluations?:

Evaluations are led by external professional coaches each spring in order to provide a neutral evaluation of each child in attendance.


How does my child get placed?:

While approaches can vary due to different factors, such as - but not limited to - signup numbers and optimal team size, the placement of players is a deeply data-driven process.


Placement is a combination of all of the relevant data that the Foxboro Soccer Travel Directors have gathered on each registered player.  The most complete history on any child is one that includes town coach evaluations, travel coach evaluations, and all Player Evaluations.  As much of the available data as can be used in a relevant manner is the backbone for all travel placements.


Placements do not consider carpool needs, desired coach, volunteer work with Foxboro Soccer, or prior placement of other siblings.  Teams are made first, then coaches are assigned.


Why do we place A, B, C, etc...

Our travel soccer program is coordinated through BAYS (formerly Boston Area Youth Soccer) which is one of the largest youth soccer organizations in the country.  Like other youth travel sports programs (ie. basketball), but unlike some other sports programs (ie. lacrosse), BAYS is a competitively tiered organization.  The league offers Division 1, 2, 3, and 4 when possible.  It is designed for offering competitive levels of play and really requires that players of similar skills are placed together.  As a result, we tier our teams in a similar fashion, to the best of our ability, to create a competitive experience for each player and team.  (As mentioned, there are exceptions - based on signups, optimal team sizes, and both age and residency waivers.)


Do other towns do it differently?:

Some do, but not most.  Some towns have "equal" teams through U10, and then go to A, B, C, etc... some towns have just A or A & B teams and then have all of the other teams essentially equal... some towns allow the coaches to pick the "equal" teams... some towns have the travel coaches lead the Player Evaluations... some towns place players solely on the Player Evaluations... some towns require playing fall and spring in order to be placed on an "A" or "B" team at all... some towns play town through U9 and don't start travel until U10.  The variations are numerous, but we will continue to do it the way we do now.


What format will my child be playing in the fall?:

U9, U10 - play 6v6 (size 4 ball)

U11, U12 - play 8V8 (size 4 ball)

U14's - play 11V11 (size 5 ball)



It is important to realize that one season's placement is not a final placement.  Placement in the U9-U11 years will inherently be less "accurate" than during the U12-U14 years.  Children develop at different points in their lives, which is why each season is a new one.  It is important for parents and players to recognize that movement and change is good for players.  


Remember, we're not trying to build teams; we're trying to develop players.

Summer Soccer Camp Options


The following summer camp will be held at the Ahern Middle School this summer.    

It is not affiliated with Foxboro Soccer.    We will update this page with options for other summer soccer camps for your information.  

2015 Foxboro Cup Details


Foxboro Youth Soccer is proud to host the 23rd annual Foxboro Memorial Weekend Cup on May 23rd and 24th.   Our tournament has a two day format that leave Monday to enjoy the holiday.   Our goal is for the teams to have strong competition and enjoy time with family and friends.  We invite you and your players to share this experience with us this Memorial Day weekend. 

Click Here to Register 


The Registration deadline is Sunday May 10th with initial team placement the week of May 11th.   All teams registering after the May 10th deadline will be placed on a waiting list to fill out any available slots.   


Our experienced adn dedicated organization strives to make sure the participating teams leave with a great experience and wanting to come back the following year.   In 2014 we provide 90+ teams with competive play.  


Our Memorial Day Weekend Cup is for girls and boys in the following age groups:  U8, U10, U12, U14 U16 and U18.   Teams will exchange their town patches or other memorabilia with another player of the opposing team after each game.  


U8 / U10 teams play 6v6.   Every team is GUARANTEED to play 3 games.   All games use age appropriate goals and field sizes as per US Youth Soccer.  Game are two, 20 minute halves.


U12 teams play 8v8,  Every team is GUARANTEED to play 3 games.   All games use age appropriate goals and field sizes as per US Youth Soccer.   Games are two, 20 minute halves.    Trophies will be awarded to all champions.   


U14/U16/U18 teams play 11v11.  Every team is GUARANTEED to play 3 games.   All games use age appropriate goals and field sizes as per US Youth Soccer.   Games are two, 20 minute halves.  Trophies will be awarded to all champions.  


Thank you for your interest and we hope you join us this Memorial Day Weekend!




Ken Torres 

Tournament Director 

Foxboro Youth Soccer Association


FYSA - News and Updates

As the spring soccer season heads into the final weekend we at Foxboro Soccer want to say a quick thank you to all Players, Parents and Coaches!  


Reminder that regisration is open for Fall Soccer and player evaluations are on Saturday 6/20.